Would A Pink Stroller Make Your Baby Boy – Gay?

Picking a Stroller Color For A Baby Boy

Britax Stroller B Ready GreenPicking a stroller color for a baby boy is quite an easy task for the parents (compared to picking a girl’s stroller color). Most dads and moms would agree that a baby boy stroller should be dark theme color.

Most parents would think of a dark navy blue, or some kind of black or even purple. Any color would fit for a newborn baby stroller as long as it is not pink..

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What The Colors We Pick Say About.. Us

The color you will be picking for your new baby, will say more about you than about your baby. Picking a dark tone stroller may suggest you are expecting the boy to be an ‘alpha’ kid, a dominant baby, who is expected to be a leader male.

Picking a colorful them, red, green or blue, may suggest you wish for a free spirit, a baby who can express it’s own personalty. You expect it to be colorful and interesting.

Can a Stroller Color Have Long Time Influence

No parent would ever think to buy their baby boy a pink stroller, unless they are gay parents and believe that a person either is born gay (or not) and the social behaviors have no influence on the child’s future gender preferences.

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