White Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

Graceful White Diaper Corner Changing Table

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table
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There are some inventions in life where you may hold your head and ask – “how on earth no one has thought of this before”… This exactly what people say, when they see the corner changing tables. The corner changing tables are a genius nursery furniture. Here you can read some more on corner changing tables, and especially on the white diaper corner changing dresser.


White Corner Table Fits Anywhere

The white corner changing table can fit into any corner in the house, and by that it can help you save valuable space when designing your new baby nursery. The unique corner design, allows this baby furniture to be at ‘dead’ spaces which until now where unused.

Because of the unusual design compared to ‘regular’ white changing tables, this table can later on when the child grows, change its destination and become a TV table or a toys dresser in the toddler’s room. So when you buy this corner changing table, you know it will serve you for many years, long after you will stop changing diapers on it.

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White Diaper Corner Changing Table – Safety

The white diaper corner changing table safety is very good for numerous reasons. First of all the corner changing dresser is a square and not a rectangle like most white changing tables which makes it more stable and safe from tipping over.

The diaper corner changing table fits into the room corner, so instead of having 3 or 4 low rails there are 100% percent walls which will eliminate the chance of the baby rolling over from the sides. Never leave your child on the changing pad without attention, even for a second!

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Corner Changing Tables Are Comfortable

You will be changing about 2000 diapers until your baby will be going by themselves to the potty. This means you will have 2000 times the pleasure of changing a diaper. It must be comfortable for you, so you will have enough energy for your other household tasks, and for your back health and peaceful mind. It must be comfortable for the baby too, because they will be lying there for 2000 times too 🙂

This white diaper corner table is delivered with a soft washable one inch changing pad (with safety strap) so the baby is comfortable and calm while you change.

Another comfortable factor is that on this changing table the baby position is when their feet are toward you, this is the most comfortable and natural changing position. In most white changing tables the position is ‘sideways’ which is less comfortable for you and for the baby as well.

The last comfortable advantage this corner changing table has, is that it has plenty of storage space, on both sides of the changing pad. So you can place all the things you need, either diapers, Vaseline, creams and baby oils at the side and reach them without to search for them in the drawers or baskets.

If baskets are your thing, and you like the changing area to be well organized and everything in place, you can always add Badger Baskets accessories to complete your baby nursery room design.

This white diaper corner changing table measures 36″ high and 16″ x 31″ changing pad.

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