White Baby Dressing Table by Badger Basket

White Baby Dressing Table

Badger Basket White Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table
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This baby dressing table is a perfect dressing table for a classic design nursery. The white baby dressing table has beautiful classic arches on the side pillars and the open shelves. All the white dressing table corners are round and soft, so this baby furniture is babe safe too.

White nursery country style furniture

The two wide open shelves are very convenient. First of all there is room for any baby accessories you may need for the diaper changing, second there is enough room to organize the shelves as you like. you can keep th cloth and diapers on the shelves easy to reach and comfortable to manage, or you can place everything in baskets or boxes as you like.

The two wide shelves allow you to choose the baskets you place there, they can be wide baskets or boxes, you can place 1-2 or even 6 baskets side by side. The shelves have a small railing too so what ever you choose to put on them will not slide off, and every thing will be keep tidy.

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White Hardwood Baby Dressing Table

Not all of the baby dressing tables are made of hard wood. Many of the cheap changing tables are made of different kind of materials, and composite woods. This Badger Basket baby dressing table, is made of hardwood, white colored with a wide dressing top.

Like all the grand baby dressers this dressing table has a white-finish paint, which is non toxic. This is important because babies and toddlers tend to ‘taste’ everything around them, and they may try and ‘chew’ on the white hardwood as well.

More Than Just A Baby Dressing Table

Unlike other types of baby dressing tables, this baby furniture can easily be used for other needs once your baby grows. This means that from the moment you quit to change diapers and dress the baby, this white nursery furniture can move into other rooms in the house. It can stay in the child’s room as a table for a small TV or for a wide toys shelves. Because this furniture is sturdy, it can be a good book shelve too, as books are heavy when places all on the same shelve.

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Baby Dresser Combo Deal

This Badger Basket white baby dresser table comes with a soft matters pad and safety straps (included). The soft changing matters is vital for a comfortable use and the safety straps are very important to avoid accidents. The matters for the changing table is wide and white too. The top of the matters is washable and easy to clean.

Dressing Table Easy To Assembly

This white baby dressing table is easy to assembly, all the instructions are in easy English with illustrated explanations. The assembly it self is fast and easy, with all the bolts and mechanism well hidden, so the elegant white look is kept untouched.

Baby Dresser Unit measures 37.5″L x 19″W x 37.5″H.

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White nursery country style furniture