Which BundleMe Color Is Best For Boys

BundleMe Colors For Boys

As you may have known by know, this winter is getting harsh and frozen, snow gets piled up, and winds pull the temperatures lower every day. You must take action to protect your baby boy from low weather climate, and help their tiny body maintain a warm body at the car seat, or at a stroller ride, or when sitting idle on a jogger.

The BundleMe is one of the best solutions a parent can wish for. It has inner and outer cold climate protection, fine soft mesh, and ability to self adjust to nearly all the car seats and strollers. Making it this winter Amazon best seller item in its category.

But if you have a baby boy, you probably will not want them to be siting in a pink Urban BundleMe seat. Here are the available colors this winter (2014) at Amazon, so you can choose which color is best for your baby boy.

You can find all the colors at Amazon, but some of them are beginning to run out, so you need to click here to see which colors are still available.

Neptune BundleMe

Neptune Color bundleme

Ice BundleMe

Ice bundleme

Stealth BundleMe

Stealth Color bundleme

Plumberry BundleMe

Plumberry bundleme


There are two more colors which may not be suitable for boys. The Sassy which is red hot pink stroller BundleMe cover, and the Soho, which is not so much for boys. Which stroller warmer set is best for your kid? Which color did you like best? Neptune? Ice? or Plumberry? Is Stealth too dark? Is Ice too fair?

Click here and see which color is still left and order your BundleMe sack.

Color bundleme for boys