Stokke Xplory Stroller Prampack Travel Kit Review

Traveling With Stokke Xplory Stroller Prampack

Xplory Stroller Prampack Traveling KitTraveling with children is always not as easy as traveling alone. When traveling with small children, babies and toddlers it becomes even more difficult.

The Stokke Xplory Stroller Prampack Travel Kit is a genius solution for those who plan a trip or vacation which includes packing the Xplory stroller.

Folding the Xplory Stroller into a bag to fly it or stash it at the car baggage compartment.

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Xplory Stroller Prampack Kits

Flying with a stroller means it needs to be stored at the plane’s luggage compartment. The Xplory Stroller prampack kits are very useful and comfortable for a family with Xplory stroller who needs to travel by air.

The Xplory Stroller prampack folds around the stroller into a big carry-on bag, which is more comfortable to carry. The pram-pack comes only in black color, and there is no special theme color like you have with the Xplory strollers.

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Folding Your Xplory To The Prampack Kit

Folding Xplory Stroller To Prampack Kit

Once the Xplory Stroller is placed on the Prampack kit, you need to fold the outer ‘wings’ over the center of the stroller and fasten the loose belts. See picture below how to fold the Xplory Stroller into the Prampack kit.

Folding an Xplory Stroller Prampack Kit

When the Prampack Kit for the Xplory Stroller is not in use, it can be rolled into a small light weight rolled position. So once you unpack the Xplory stroller out it does not mean you are left with a bulky heavy bag to carry. See below the orange prampack over the mother’s shoulder.

The Xplory Stroller Folded Prampack

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Going On Vacation? Flying With Children?

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