See The 3 Most Ugly Cribs On Amazon ($1000 Each)

Ugly Cribs – Bad Design – Outrageous Price

I don’t even know why I bother to write about these ugly cribs at Amazon. I was browsing Amazon and did an advance search limiting the list price to $1000 and up. Maybe I was expecting to find delicate design, with nice gentle lines or added value to meet the $1000 (or more) price tag.

But to my surprise I saw, a some ugly designs (in my opinion) which have more show off than real style. Who wants his baby to sleep in a fish aquarium??

Is this what people who have money (and no taste) waste it on?

Check below and see for yourself, the outrageous price for a baby furniture which may be unique but ugly.

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The 3 Most Ugly Cribs At Amazon

Nurseryworks Vetro Crib

This crib is made of some 100% clear polymer or glass(?) so the baby sleeps in a crib which seem to have no railings.

It is a nice gimmick, but the outcome design is too strange. It is funny that for an item which cost over $3500 there is no product description not explanation about it.

Nurseryworks Vetro Crib gets thumbs down from us!


Maclaren Moderne Crib, Ebony Stained Ash

Modren Crib Ugly at Amazon

The Maclaren Moderne Crib, is sold for over $1000 too. this design might be nice as an office furniture, or a spaceship crib.

But it is so ‘cold’ that you might think mom is more about designing than caring for the kid inside the crib..  

Maclaren Moderne Crib, Ebony Stained Ash gets thumbs down because it is too designed and cold-hearted crib.


Spot On Square Roh Crib Sided Clear

Spot On Square Roh Crib Sided Clear

This ‘Spot On Square Roh Crib Sided Clear’ might have been the winner of this upside down competition. It is so designed it came out ugly and cold. A clumsy box in the nursery when the baby or toddler is like a rare specimen inside it.

The semi clear railings make it like a juvenile prison meeting room, where the parents can touch the inmates fingers through the protective glass.


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