Is Running With a Baby Jogger During Winter Dangarous?

How To Run With A Baby Jogger When It Is Raining

When it is raining, running or jogging with a baby jogger, require some attention from the parent who is pushing the jogger. Doing exercises with a baby inside the jogger is fun and also helps the parent and child bonding. When running at the wet season, some precautions need to be considered.

Most joggers are a lightweight frame and three large wheels. You need to make sure the air pressure is correct and that the brakes are fine.

Winter Running Tips With Baby Jogger

Here are some tips on how to run safely with a baby jogger during a rainy day.

1. Make sure the baby has all 5 belts fastened. This tip is wise to follow on a sunny day, and twice as wise on a rainy day.

2. Make sure the baby/toddler toys are fastened with short straps to the side, or to the belts. Kids tend to throw stuff out of the stroller or jogger. When running you do not want to stop and pick things the child has thrown out. Especially not when it is raining, and reaching the seat is less comfortable.

3. The rain cover should have wide transparent window. During your jog, the baby will want to be able to see outside. Make sure your rain cover has a see through window for the parent too, so you can notice what the baby is doing inside,while you run.

Reflective vest for running with baby jogger4. When it is raining there is usually low visibility. The rain cover should have reflective colors. Remember the low visibility affects, cyclist, motorbikes and cars. Help them notice you from a distance. Run with a reflective vest yourself.

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5. Make sure the safety strap which connects the jogger to your wrist is firmly fastened, you do not want to lose the jogger at a down hill slope.

6. Run with a running hat with a wide brim. The brim will keep most of the rain away from your eyes, and allow you to run more safely.

7. When you run with a Strom cover, make sure the lower basket is empty. Place your important things inside the storm cover. Running when it rains will splash water 360°, you do not want to find that the spare diapers or your your dry socks has soaked in water at the lower basket.

8. Use the jogger only with the weight recommended. Like with a car, when placing a higher weight than permitted the brake system performance will decease! You might try to stop the jogger, but the jogger will continue to ride.

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Running With A baby Jogger When it Rains

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