How to Choose a Commercial Sturdy Station Baby Changing Table

How to Buy a Commercial Sturdy Baby Changing Table

Rubbermaid Commercial Sturdy Station 2 Baby Changing TableWhen coming to choose a commercial baby changing table there are a few things to take into consideration. A public commercial changing station needs different features than the regular home changing table.

In this review we will cover some of the things you may need to know before you buy a commercial sturdy baby changing table.

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Choosing a Commercial Baby Changing Station

The first thing when buying a Commercial Sturdy Changing Station is that it must be sturdy! The changing table station must be made from thick polymer and must have long lasting mounting points so it can be fixed to the wall.

The commercial baby changing station must be made of the best plastic polymers so it will stand hundreds of baby changes done by thousands of people, each of them treating the table differently. Unlike the personal home nursery, people at public places tend to be less careful handling public equipment.

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Commercial Baby Changing Station Safety Tips

The public commercial baby changing table has to be a smooth surface so the baby will not get hurt or pinched by the harsh surface. All the sides of the table have to be baby safe and without sharp corners.

The changing top has to be slightly deep, so the baby which is placed will be safe from hazard falls. Just like wooden changing tables have the safety strap, this has to be in place too, to keep the baby from rolling over the edge. All home changing stations have a safety strap and a safety rail from 2 or 3 sides to protect the baby from tipping over.

The color of the commercial baby changing table has to be off white so it would fit into any mall changing room, or nursery changing spot. A colorful changing station will be difficult to clean and maintain when thinking it needs to serve for a decade at least.

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See More Rubbermaid Commercial Baby Changing Table Features:

Smooth surface for easy cleaning and no pinch points. Large, deep bed with adjustable belt.

Hooks on each side hold diaper bag securely.

Liner dispenser at eye level for convenience.

All-plastic construction, durable gusset support system for strength and stability.

35-3/4″ long by 28″ wide table pulls down from wall for use. Unit closes shut against wall to 31h x 4d.

Plastic; Color(s) : Off-White.