Breathtaking! Pure White Finish Changing Table – Country Style!

Country Style Pure White Changing Table

Country Style Pure White Finish Changing Table
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Designing your new baby nursery is an experience many love to do. Everything we buy the new born babies is cute and sweet. We want our babies to have the most pleasant calming environment, and it all starts with a pure white changing table. The baby will be on the changing table for at least 2000 times, until they learn to go to the potty. If the parent is stressed the baby will feel the stressed energy and will reflect it back. White is calm tone, pure white is clean and never times-out.

White nursery country style furniture

South Shore Pure White Changing Tables

Many people especially look for pure white-finish changing tables, as these designed by South Shore fit into any color of room. Are you expecting a baby boy or baby girl? Will the beddings be pink or blue? No matter what you plan, pure white changing table will easily fit into any spectrum of tones.

People know South Shore pure white  baby furniture not only fit into any room, but their they fit other pure white baby furniture like pure white cribs and pure white gliders and ottomans. So the whole nursery has one main style line and this makes the nursery much more eye catching and delicate.

Get This Country Style Changing Table – Pure White Finish

Changing Table Open Storage Or  Baskets

While some people prefer to have everything they need for the diaper changing close at hand, having three wide open storage compartments is very convenient for them. In this pure white finish changing table you have just below the changing top 3 open spaces for storage. Having three storage locations may help you keep everything organized, having diapers and wipes in one place, keep the baby’s cloth in the other and all the lotions and creams at the last compartment.

If you prefer baskets for organizing your baby diaper needs, and keep the nursery all nice and tidy, with this country style pure white changing table you can add any 3 baskets in any colors or covers.

White Country Style Changing Table Safety

The white country style pure white changing dresser, is a sturdy piece of furniture, though the warranty is for 5 years, you can easily see that this will last until your new baby is in high school. The wide changing table makes it rock steady, and it is always advised to connect the furniture to the wall to avoid tipping.

The pure white country style has high 3 sides borders for preventing the baby from rolling off the top. No matter what happens, never leave a child on the changing table without an adult beside them. you will not believe how many fatal accidents happen around the changing tables each year.

Get This Country Style Changing Table – Pure White Finish

The back border has a space where the changing pad mattress straps needs to be fastened to avoid the mattress itself from sliding off the top.

Safe corners on all sides so no one bumps their head on corners. The white changing table lower drawers have child safety mechanism which makes them close with a soft fingers safe glide. Those innovative drawer Smart Glides comes with lifetime warranty!

5-year warranty ▪ Item Dimensions : 35″x20″x37″

Get This Country Style Changing Table – Pure White Finish

White nursery country style furniture