Prevent Your Baby From Freezing In The Stroller

Preparing The Stroller For Winter Avoid Baby From Freezing

Prepare Baby Stroller 2012 Winter KitAt winter times it is important to prepare the stroller you have (or intend to buy) for the cold season. It is wise to prepare the family car, and the house to the cold winter temperatures. Fix open windows, seal cracks and fasten loose tiles back in place.

Preparing A Baby Stroller For Winter

There are some tips and guidelines about preparing the baby stroller to the winter. First of all you must make sure the baby has warm clothes, in layers. As you know walking with a baby might mean going into heated places, and what ever you put to keep the baby warm, must be able to come off.

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Second tip is to have winter covers for the stroller, adjusted to the temperatures and winter conditions in your area. If you live in a cold snow environment you will need a warm stroller cover like the Xplory winter kit.

“Children’s bodies regulate their temperatures at a different rate to ours. In winter small people need extra protection from freezing temperatures and biting wind chill.

Let your child enjoy the beauty of winter by staying safe and snug.

An extra-insulated hood with additional storm cover safeguards your child from harsh winter winds.

A tactile sheepskin rim on the hood is soft on your child’s skin.

Attachable real Sheepskin.

Real Sheepskin Handmuff keeps your hands warm as you stroll. Pocket for keys, mobile phone etc. storm cover protects against wind and snow.Rear textile cover for additional protection against the cold.”

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Mom & Dads Winter Accessories For Stroller

Keep you hand warm so you can be reachable for your baby. Instead of walking with gloves on, and touching your baby with gloves, hand muffs will warm your hands and allow you to stroke your kid with warm hands and not icy fingers.

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