How To Pick a Stroller Color For Baby Girls?

Picking a Jogger or Stroller Color For Baby Girls

Light Green Stokke Newborn Xplory StrollerPicking a stroller color for baby girls is not as easy as it is for picking a color for a baby boy. When a baby girl is born or expected to be born, the mom usually have sweet cute fantasies she will grow a baby princess.

The mother might wish to have her baby sit in a pink stroller, with pink dolls and soft toys all around her. The proud dad, may not want to interfere with mom’s dreams for a Barbie type cast stroller.

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But picking a stroller color for girls might be more than just a sweet ice-cream theme tones. The parents might be fixing deep in the baby girls head a sweet, princess type of social position.

Pink Strollers For Girls? Blue Navy For Boys?

Purple Stokke Newborn StrollerYou might want to give your baby girl a different prospective about her new life. Is she supposed to be the sweet doll, wrapped in pink velvet, so cute but helpless. Or do you want the baby girl to be equal to any other boy.

Most of the difference would not be from th baby itself but from the surrounding remarks. Everyone would say “what a cute baby”, but when the see the baby is sitting in a dark color stroller they will understand you are growing a leader. A baby girl sitting in a colorful stroller with bright patterns means she is expected to be unique and independent.

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There are so many colors to chose from, you do not have to be to narrow minded and place a newborn baby girl in a pink stroller.

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