How to Get Lean After Birth? – Find a Good Jogging Stroller

Find a Good Jogging Stroller For Fit Moms

jogging mom back to shapeIf there is one wish 100% of the new mothers would love to accomplish, is to get back their lean body. The body they worked hard to sculpture, if by running or by diet. No matter what you do the pregnancy and delivery changes the body. It takes more than just wishful thinking to get back to the body you knew before the pregnancy.

Eating right and eating healthy is important for the baby which is breastfeeding and for the mom’s general well being. The extra mile which helps many moms to look fit and lean again is to return to exercise, do workout, run, walk or jog.

Getting a good jogger stroller is the first step into getting back in shape!

Here are some tips to help you get the best and most suitable jogging stroller for you and for the baby.

jogging mom after birthThe Ultra-marathon moms may need a professional running stroller. These are not cheap but they are worth the investment if you are a savvy runner. First of all they must have a fixed front wheel.

When running with a jogger, turning is done by slightly lifting the front wheel and conveying the jogger into it’s new direction. Runners do not do sharp turns and the swivel wheel is not needed.

The BOB Ironman Single Stroller, is a professional jogger  very comfortable for long runs or jogging.

jogging dad with babyIf mom or dad takes the baby to a long run, the baby should be covered from direct wind. It can be a cool day and there will be constant wind on the baby.

A wind cover with a transparent window is wise to use. The baby should be sit low, so the center of gravity is not high and the jogger can tip over. A sun cover should protect the baby which is sitting from UV and direct sun light. Runners can be out for hours if they are training for marathon or half marathon.

Back to pre pregnancy body‘Back to shape’ moms need a jogger which could be easy to walk with, not too heavy like the premium travel systems. These joggers can have a swivel front wheel, because moms take them to long walks, and to urban walks and they need to maneuver on sidewalks and malls.

These joggers need to have wide storage room for all the stuff needed out of home. The baby seat needs to be also covered from UV, and have some cup holders where toys could be attached.

Jogger for running moms and dadsThe wheels are air filled and not stiff rubber wheels like the cheap strollers have. They need shock absorbing suspension to soften the ride for the baby inside, not to be tossed by every road bump.


The Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller is a best seller jogger at Amazon. Bought by thousands of moms and dads to keep fit even with a baby at home.

All joggers should be folded into small and flat position as many parents do not jog from home but drive to a park or beach side.

Running with a jogger safely requires a running leash which one side is attached to the jogger and the other to the wrist, so the jogger can never get out of reach. Runners push the jogger while running letting it ride free in front of them. Or at downhill allowing the jogger to ride without pushing it.