Gorgeous White Changing Table With Hamper & 3 Baskets Included

White Changing Table By Badger Basket

Badger Basket White Changing Table
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For your new white designed baby room, here is Badger Basket white changing table with all the comfortableyou will need for a convenient and safe changing place for your new baby. The gorgeous white changing table is beautiful and not expensive.


White Changing Table – Great Value

The white Badger Basket baby changing dressercomes with the necessary hamper and three baskets all included. These accessories are essential for comfortable baby care, they are sometimes sold separately and here you get them included. One other added value you get with this baby changing station, is the white changing pad which in most nursery furniture is not included. you save up to $50 when you get the changing pad included!

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Safety Features For This Baby Furniture

This white changing table by Badger Basket has some safety features worth knowing. The changing table itself is very sturdy! The outer legs support the table and give it a wide stability for better floor grip. The white finish is non-toxic paint safe for toddlers who place everything in the mouth at 6-12 month.

You can see it has four white safety borders rails around the white changing table top. For your attention having 4 safety railings is the recommended design for changing tables safety borders. The safety belts which are a must are included and ready to use with the changing pad. This is why the corner changing tables are safer as they use the walls as railings.

All the 3 white baskets and the hamper are at easy hand reach, so you will not have to leave the baby unattended for one second. In them you can store all the diapers and wipes.

Below the white wooden changing top there is a metal support bar for extra support and safety, to keep the white sturdy changing dresser in place. This white Badger Basket changing table can be used until your newborn child will weigh 30 lbs which is approximately 24 month.

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Keeps White Color For Years

This white changing table will stay bright white and serve you for years to come, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth just wipe off dust and other dirt. The changing pad is washable for hygiene reasons to prevent baby skin rashes, also the hamper bag can be removed for machine wash when needed.

Buying a good sturdy changing table is better, because a cheap white changing table may not make it to the next child, and then another baby furniture may need to be purchased.

Buy This Budget Friendly White Changing Table