Drawers Vs. Baskets In a Changing Table

Buying Changing Table With Drawers Vs Baskets

There are pros and cons for your decision to buy a changing table with drawers or with baskets. Here we will review some of the differences between these baby furniture, so you can chose for yourself.

Changing Table With Baskets

A changing table with baskets is quite comfortable because it allows the mom to take the baskets with hair from room to room, or from the changing table to a bed or crib. Baskets have a different type of design, and they give a loose relaxed atmosphere to the nursery.

Changing Table With Drawers

A changing table with drawers can be more comfortable to organize and more convenient to dress the baby. When dressing a baby one hand is needed to pull a drawer and glide it back to place. Drawers usually have an even line when they are all closed.

Drawer Vs Basket Safety

One issue worth to think about is the safety of the changing tables. Baskets can be pulled out altogether, so young toddlers can drop them. Do not keep heavy or delicate stuff in those baskets (like the baby monitor and camera).

Drawers do not drop off, but they tend to slam on small fingers. If you mean to buy a changing table with a drawer, look for these with the safety mechanism, which prevents the drawer from slamming.

Watch out from drawers which are too low, they can be used as ‘stairs’ for toddlers and young family brothers or sisters, which may cause the changing table to tip off.

Leading Baby Furniture For You

Savannah Changing Table

Drawer Changing Table

  • Safe corners
  • 3 open cases for convenient storage
  • This item is made of composite wood panels that carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
  • 5 year warranty


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Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets

Basket Changing Table

  • Six baskets for organizing all of baby’s clothes, diapers, and toiletries
  • Safety rails enclose the changing area
  • Includes safety belt and mattress pad

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