Contemporary Style Pure White Finish Changing Table

Modern Style White Changing Table 

Contemporary Style Pure White Finish Changing tableFor those who look for modern design and Contemporary Style this elegant changing table may be what you are looking for.

The contemporary style can be seen in the long fresh clean lines that curve slighly together with the straigt angles which keep this white changing table by South Shore interesting at any nursery room.

Contemporary Style Pure White Finish Changing table

White Contemporary Style Changing Dresser

White is always a modern color as it can dissolve and blend in any design you have in mind. The South Shore changing table has a very elegant finish touch. You will see the profiled edges, and stylized decorative kickplate, having such a changing table will certainly highlight your baby`s nursery decor. You can expect ant friends coming over to notice this baby furniture set as it is outstanding design is more eye-friendly than many other ‘classic’ trends changing tables.

This changing unit is Fresh Pure White finish so no matter which other South Shore furniture you buy, they all match and fit in your pure white finish nursery design and decor.

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Modern Yet Useful Diaper Change Station

Don’t let the clean fresh lines to mislead you, this white modern changing table will provide plenty of drawer storage space for all your baby needs. The drawers are all wide and comfortable, so everything has it;s place and the baby’s room is neat and tidy.

The open space below the changing top is very useful for daily routine. You will notice your self that the changing supplies there are the most easy to reach, and you can send your hand without even looking to get what ever you need.

The drawers and side door have wide beautiful wooden knobs, which are comfortable to pull and very safe if your toddler ever bumps into any of them.

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Contemporary Style And Safe Changing Table

The fact that this is contemporary design changing table does not mean it is less safe than any other white changing table. This South Shore baby furniture has all the safety needed for your back and the baby well being.

Innovative drawer mechanism to prevent them closing on your or the baby fingers, these smart glides come with lifetime warranty so you know you invest only once and get covered for life these glides will be still softly rolling. On top of this there are child-friendly safety catches on drawer glides so within 2 years when your baby becomes a  curious child they are still kept away from hazards.

So you enjoy a contemporary white changing table design with long lasting quality.

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Contemporary Style Pure White Finish Changing table