Cheap But Beautiful Piece of Furniture For Your Nursery

A Low Cost Glider and Ottoman

One piece of baby furniture some parents over look when planning a nursery is a comfortable Glider and Ottoman. When expecting a baby the excitement and anticipation are high. Planning your nursery decor design, means dreaming about the look and feel of the baby’s room.

Glider and Ottoman can upgrade the nursery in two main ways. Having them as a furniture turns the baby rook into a cozy comfortable place. Just looking at a Glider and Ottoman can make any parent feel sleepy. Glider and Ottomans will composite any room into a stylish and appealing place to be.

There is no need to be drowned by expenses when decorating and furnishing a baby nursery room.

Bargain Deal – Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

One of the most top rated baby furnitures are the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottomans.  The cushioned seat, the soft gliding motion, the perfect breastfeeding position for the mom and for the newborn. One might expect that such a furniture will cost over $450.

But surprisingly this piece of baby nursery room furniture costs now $130 – $180.

Can you imagine a calm baby, hugged by soft towels after a warm bath falling a sleep at their mother arms. The tiny newborn and the happy mom both glide and rock slowly, with soft chime bells theme ringing in the room.

The repeated gliding motion helps the baby to relax, to feel confident, to fall asleep when you need to rest too. With legs up on the ottoman, the mother can relax too, take a short nap on the soft cushions and regain her strength for attending the baby needs.

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Why Is This Glider & Ottoman Furniture So Cheap

I don’t know. They might be planning to change the design next year and need to empty their storage. And in order to accomplish this they need to make sure most of 2012 gliders and ottomans are delivered.

But what ever the reason is, adding such a comfortable rocking chair and nursing arm chair below $200, is a deal most people would not like to miss.

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Stork Craft Cheap Glider and Ottoman

  • This is the ideal glider and ottoman combination for your nursery with generous seating room, padded arm cushions and a pocket to store your belongings
  • Featuring metal, enclosed ball bearings for a smooth glide motion to help you unwind
  • The back and seat cushions are spot cleanable, keeping the look clean and fresh all year long
  • Cushions are currently available in beige, butter, pink, light blue, light green, denim blue, chocolate, pink gingham, and yellow gingham, with wood base colors in white, cherry, espresso, black, cognac, oak and natural
  • Easy to assemble into a beautiful piece of furniture for your nursery

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