Are Dads Allowed On Mom’s Glider & Ottoman Set?

Gliding Rocker with Ottoman Are For New Dads Too

I wonder why in all the pictures and photos, you get to see only happy moms pushing their stroller bonding with their child. Pictures of new mothers breastfeeding in a glider and ottoman. Where are the dads? Are daddies allowed to rock on these Gliding Rocker with Ottoman sets too?

Newborn Baby Bonding With Father Xplory StrollerOne way of bonding is when the child and dad go for long walks. Some of the strollers have a seat where the baby and parent pushing the stroller are facing one another.

So throughout the walk father child bonding can take place. The child can look at their dad, investigate their facial expressions hear their voice, laugh and enjoy their mutual moments.

Bonding With The Baby On The Glider Chair

Most moms bond with their baby quite quickly. Some will say it is the way of nature, when the mother bonds with her child. But the father’s bonding may take longer.

In order for the father baby bonding to take place, the father needs some peaceful quality time with the new born baby. These quite moments, when no one else is looking, and there are no distractions, so the natural smells and sounds are as clear as a water drop glare.

Dad’s Reclining Glider and Ottoman Set

Using a smooth rocking glider can be a pleasant bonding station for the father and child. If you already have a reclining glider and ottoman set which can rock in a smooth quite motion, use it.

Take a seat, feel comfortable in the soft glider cushioned position, lift your legs on the ottoman. Wear easy clothes. If you have just got back from work, take off these clothes, they smell “work” they feel “work”, you do not want them to be the baby’s signals of dad.

Dad Can Bottle Feed The Baby In a Gliding Chair Set

Dads can not breast feed, but they sure can feed the baby. For best bonding with the child, make sure they are comfortable in their soft towel or blanket. Place them on your laps, rock the glider gently when they face you.

Pick them and place them in your arms, put the baby in a ‘breastfeeding position’ maintain constant eye contact with the baby. If it’s their time to eat, prepare their warm bottle of milk in advance, feed the baby. The slight glider motions will calm the baby, they will feel sleepy.

If the baby falls a sleep, it is fine. It means they feel safe and secure in your arms. The bonding will continue to take place even when they are a sleep. They can still feel your warmth, they smell you, and can hear your voice speaking to them (in their sleep). The glider constant repeated rocking motion back and forth, calms babies.

Gliders & Ottoman Sets Are a Worth Investment

You do not have to purchase a zillion dollar glider to enjoy these moments with your child. There are several gliders and ottoman sets any dad can buy, and survive the credit charge.

Here are a few low cost rocking chair glider sets (with ottomans) pick your brand or price level that suits your needs best. The price in the brackets is the list price, we have searched for the best items which have bargain deal discounts. Click the link below each glider set to see actual price.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman ($230)

Glider Rocker Chair For Baby And Father

  • Generous seating room with padded arms
  • Arm cushions have a pocket for paper, magazines and TV remote
  • Back and seat cushions are hand washable only
  • Ideal for any room in your house
  • Matching ottoman included

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Deluxe Swivel Glider and Ottoman ($380)

Elegant metal and Beige Leatherette

Padded seating.

Smooth gliding mechanism.

Covered in durable black leatherette cushion.

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Shermag Glider Rocker Combo ($400)

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Padded arms with storage
  • Soft luxurious fabric
  • Steel ball bearing system for ease of glide
  • Matching ottoman with padded cushion included


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