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Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2

Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 Can you settle for anything less than the best for your new born baby? There are dozen of strollers out there, and they all look the same, and they all have the same features. Until you set your eyes at the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2!

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The Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2

The new Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System is one of the best baby stroller kits you may ever find. Unlike regular baby riding solutions the new Orbit Stroller has advanced technology breakthroughs which make it the elite of the premium strollers.

It has features no other stroller has, and is not suitable for any parent or those who are on a tight budget. the luxurious stroller requires a wide house, and a wide car and will allow your kid to sit comfortable from the early stages in life until they are young children. They will feel they grow in comfortable seats and will observe the surrounding from every angle.

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360º Rotation Seat For Your Baby

Unlike any other stroller the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 has the 360º rotation seat plate.

Ergonomic 360-Degree Docking Interface

The car seat base and stroller frame each feature a circular, 360-degree rotating SmartHub. In the car, simply place the infant car seat over the hub facing any direction and securely dock the seat in place without straining your back.

When using the stroller, the SmartHub allows you to face your baby forward, backward, or sideways. Turn the car seat to switch up the scenery during walks, and when you stop for a rest or a bite to eat, swivel the seat sideways, so the stroller handles don’t impede traffic.


Top Notch Baby Safety For Your Child

There is never enough safety for your delicate child. that is what Orbit stroller is all about. Not settling for regular safety but reaching to to top notch of child safety features!

Car Seat Base Installs with the Turn of a Knob

The patented StrongArm mechanism makes it easy to secure the car seat base into your vehicle. At the turn of a knob, the mechanism pulls the seatbelts tight for you in just 60 seconds, saving you the struggle of cinching the base into the car.

Certified-Clean Materials

This travel system also features orbitgreen fabrics and foams to keep your baby healthy. The materials have been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which sets strict limits on close to 200 potentially harmful substances and chemicals. In addition, all materials are certified BFR-free (free of Brominated Flame Retardants).


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