Breathtaking! White Changing Table – Cotton Candy Collection

Cotton Candy Collection Changing Table + 2 Shelves – Pure White

South Shore Furniture Changing Table Pure WhiteTake a look at this baby changing table! Before reviewing the white changing table features (which are many!) take a look at this beautiful baby furniture. The Cotton Candy Collection from South Shore imagine it at your nursery. The elegant clean straight lines. The synergies devision of the storage space. The double row of drawers knobs lines up.

Close your eyes and think of your little baby boy or girl kicking their tiny legs at the changing top! What an impressive pure white changing table it is!Cotton Candy White Changing Table

Cotton Collection Baby Changing Table

South Shore is a leading furniture manufacturer, you can be sure than when you purchase a South Shore baby furniture, you get the highest quality and the advanced technology and knowledge for your new changing table and other baby room furniture.

The Cotton Candy Collection is one of the beautiful soft collection for baby nursery bedrooms. The pure white changing table can be placed with any other theme you have in mind for your new born baby room. The straight modern lines will fit other South Shore baby nursery items like the white cabinets, natural light wood baby dresser tables.

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Cotton Candy Collection Pure White Features

This cotton candy collection changing table has so many advantages, it makes it difficult to choose where to begin. First of all there is so much storage place for all the baby cloth and changing supplies you will need.

Keep All Baby Changing Supplies Close By

Remember that one of the safety tips concerning changing tables, is that it is important you keep all the baby changing supplies, very close at hand. The most regretful mistake may be to leave the baby ‘just for a second’ to bring a diaper, or a cream or a cloth we left somewhere else. When you have enough baby supply storage compartments, you know you will not need to look for stuff somewhere else.

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Two Pull Out Shelves Behind The Door

The pure white changing table in this Cotton Candy Collection has a unique feature, this is two sliding shelves behind a closed door. For your convenience the left compartment has two pull out shelves that glide softly. So all the baskets with the baby cream, lotions and the toiletries your baby needs will slide gently out. Once you have completed changing your baby, close the door so the nursery will be kept neat and tidy. You and your guests will not see all the mess below the changing table.

Cotton Candy Collection Three Wide Drawers

Except the right side door with the sliding shelves there are three wide storage drawers. This pure white changing table can store all your summer and winter baby cloth. In the first three month your baby will grow and need new baby suits, pants, shirts and pajamas, they can all fit into the three wide open roomy drawers.

The baby beddings will also have enough drawer space, you will find that you need the available Cotton Candy Collection extra storage for their bedding, mattress covers, blankets and sheets.

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Cotton Candy White Changing Table