Breast Feeding In a Glider and Ottoman

Breast Feeding In a Rocking Glider Chair

Wooden vs upholstered rocker gliding chair

Many moms would admit that some of their best moments with their newborn child, were the breastfeeding moments in the smooth gliding chair.

It takes time for the parents to bond with their new born child, the minutes and hours spent on a glider and ottoman are those in which the bonding occurs.

Magical Moments Breastfeeding In a Glider and Ottoman

Many women breastfeed the child, anywhere at home, even while watching a TV show. When not paying to much attention to the child while feeding, and concentrating on other matters, no real bonding can take place.

A glider and ottoman, have a soft motion movement, which calms the baby and relaxes the mother. By sitting in a glider, the mother allows herself to relax, to be able to watch the baby eat, watch their small mouth and fingers search for the nipple.

Glider Chairs Are Low Investment – Huge Return

Glider Rocker Chair For Baby Breast FeedingBuying a glider chair and an ottoman, should not be an expensive purchase.

Though there are some fancy designs and branded names for gliders which may cost over $500, most parent will be happy to rock with their baby on a $150 glider set too.

This Beautiful Glider (See Pic) Cost Only $129

Stork Craft Hoop Glider

Breast Feeding On Amazon Glider and Ottoman

  • Generous seating room with padded arms
  • Arm cushions have a pocket for paper, magazines and TV remote
  • Back and seat cushions are hand washable only
  • Ideal for any room in your house
  • Matching ottoman included

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