Mom’s Dream Come True! Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets

White Badger Basket Six Baskets Changer Unit

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six BasketsAny new mom who takes a look at this fine baby change furniture will have a relaxing warm feeling spreading all over her body, this is it! I have found it. Our new baby’s changing table, and it is awesome. The six white baskets and the white tall curves of the surrounding rails give this baby nursery furniture a unique look at any baby’s room.


White Changing Table With Six Baskets

Badger Basket made a simple yet overwhelming white Baby Changing Table. Instead of letting you pick the six sliding baskets and letting your try to fit the colors and the sizes, Badger Basket has done all this for you. You get a complete white sturdy tough and safe changing table, with 6 baskets included, and an extra mattress with safety belts too.

As new parents there is nothing more relaxing to know that your baby’s changing table is the safest you can find, and the most beautiful too. The six baskets will help you organize and keep everything you and your baby needs all tidy and clean. The changing tables with three baskets are usually less spacey than the 6 baskets models.

Get This Beautiful Six Baskets Design Baby Table

The six baskets are so large that you can use the entire storage space this white changing table has below the changing top. I can think of endless of combinations for dividing the baby diapers supply between the baskets. The diapers go into one basket with the creams and lotions. the first month cloth will go into two baskets, one for overalls and the other for the two parts cloth (top & bottom). The baby beddings will need a large compartment as they usually take a lot of space.

You have the option of adding a small tag to each drawer so you can organize better or help your help and assistance housekeeper to know where to place stuff that comes from the laundry. The wide handles will make it easy for you to pull the basket out to find what you need, and slide it back to place. The pure white changing table can be decorated with these tags.

Get This Beautiful Six Baskets Design Baby Table

Six Baskets Design Changing Table Safety

There are several safety factors for this white changing table with six baskets worth reviewing. The first thing is that the baskets are a safe substitute for the regular wooden drawers. You can be sure that once your baby grows a little (and it happens faster than you might expect 😉 his or her tiny fingers will not be caught at the slamming doors and drawers.

Most of the good quality changing tables like other Badger Basket  have a safety glide motion to stop them from slamming at fingers. But still wooden drawers have corners and they are hard. A drawer left open can easily get a toddler head get bumped! Which is a nasty blow when they get it by surprise.

The six baskets design changing table comes with a mattress for the baby dressing and changing. Make sure it is fastened in place and always use the safety belts to make sure the child does not flip over! Never let your baby be left on the mattress without being held by the safety straps.

Get This Beautiful Six Baskets Design Baby Table