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Is Your Stroller Prepared For Cold Winter Weather

If we like it or not, the cold winter is just about to cover the northern hemisphere in it’s white freezing blanket. Preparing the baby stroller to cold weather environments is important to keep baby from hypothermia and to help the parent ‘survive’ a stroller walk as pleasant as possible.

Who Should Prepare The Stroller For Winter

If you live in L.A or Texas, then this post is not for you.. But those living in northern USA or Canada, bitter winter conditions can be predicted.

There is no reason that the severe cold weather will surprise you and catch you unprepared. Like you prepare the family car, fix brakes, change tiers, add anti-freeze to the cooling system, you should prepare the family stroller to winter conditions.

Wet & Dry Freezing Weather Preparations

If your baby was born in the spring, or summer you might not have thought to buy cold weather protection to the stroller. Now when the winter winds are knocking at the door here are some baby stroller tips for cold weather.

Rain Cover For Strolly

Before the heavy snow will begin, there will be a long rainy season. For some it will rain 99% of the winter, and will snow for 2-3 days only. Look for a transparent stroller rain cover, so the baby will enjoy to travel, they will be able to look outside, see the sights, and enjoy the stroller ride.

If you do not have a branded stroller than this low cost rain cover will be useful, (for three wheel joggers check inside the link below).

Jeep Standard Stroller Weather Shield

  • Fits most single strollers with a canopy
  • Offers a convenient see-thru essentials pocket
  • Air holes on both sides provides ventilation
  • Waterproof and windproof – protect child from rain, snow and cold weather
  • Storage bag included

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Snow And frost Protection For Babies In Strollers

Not all the strollers have a full baby protection winter kit. If you have to protect your kid from a freezing weather and to make sure they will stay warm at low temperatures. You might need a thermal cover.

Thermal covers not only keep rain out, they keep low temperatures out too.

 Warm Winter Jogging Stroller Cover

The Warm As A Lamb(tm) insulated stroller cover is designed to keep babies and toddlers fully protected from the frigid cold, wind, snow, and other winter elements.

It features adjustable pulls to fit most single strollers including jogging strollers, standard size strollers, travel systems, and lightweight strollers.

It maintains full visibility of the baby/toddler at all times.

Check Here For More On These Thermal Stroller Covers 

Stokke Xplory Winter Kit

Prepare Baby Stroller cold Winter temperatures

For really cold temperatures or for those who know the next few month are expected to be covered with ‘snow white’ frost blanket. The Stokke Xplory Winter Kit is the right stroller for best baby temperature protection. The Stokke Xplory Winter Kit has been designed for below zero temperatures. With accessories to keep the parents warm when they need to attend the baby (like hands muffs, with special sheepskin) for those who push the stroller.

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