This Baby White Changing Table Costs Less Than $130

Low Cost Baby White Changing Table

DaVinci Emily Baby White Nursery FurnitureThe DaVinci white changing table, is not only convenient for changing babies and dressing them, it is has one more advantage, that it it has a  rather low cost! Many people seek to find a low cost changing table, some of them even think of buying a used changing table. But for a price of less than $130 you can get a stylish new – white changing table, with two wide selves, and a slim drawer for extra storage space.

White Nursery Furniture Changing Table

Low Price Changing Table

The prices of changing tables vary from $90-$350. Most of the well known brands like South Shore or Badger Basket sell their changing tables at the $150 price level. For the $150 budget you can choose if you prefer the open shelves design or the changing table dresser design.

This Emily DaVinci style white changing table, is not the cheapest changing table you might find, and not the most expensive white changing table, but it is a low price and value for money, baby changer.

Get This Low Cost White Finish Changing Table From Amazon

Changing Table With Open Shelves or Dresser Drawers

There is no ‘better’ changing table, it all depends on your needs. If the nursery room is small, or if the baby will be at your bedroom for the first few month, than an open shelve design might be more suitable for your needs. If the baby room has a lot of space, and you want to fill it up, or you do not have any other storage locations in the room, than choosing the cabinet drawers changing table, might make more sense.

This low cost changing table has both open shelves and it has a slim drawer just under the changing top. This is very convenient because you can keep all th baby changing stuff you need at the wide shelves and for the small parts like tubes and creams you have the sliding wide drawer.

Get This Low Cost White Finish Changing Table From Amazon

Low Cost White Baby Changer

This low cost changing table is made of sturdy pine wood and wood composites, so you are sure you are purchasing a tough baby furniture, that will be useful for years after you finish changing diapers on it. The paint is a non toxic white finish paint so it is totally safe for the baby and meets the needed standards.

Though this is a low cost white changing table, the changing top mattress pad is included, so you save $40 more because you will not need to buy the mattress as an accessory. The mattress pad has the safety straps included, so make sure you use them when your baby is on top of the changing table, the most important safety tip you need is never to leave your baby without you on the changing table, even not for one second.

This low cost white changer measures 37.5″ X 19.75″ X 37″H.

Get This Low Cost White Finish Changing Table From Amazon

White Nursery Furniture Changing Table