Impressive! White Atlantic Columbia Changing Table

White Atlantic Columbia Changing Table

Columbia Knock Down Changing TableMany people adore the contemporary changing table design of Atlantic baby furniture sets. The modern white changing tables are back as the current trend in baby nursery decor. The Colombia Open design of the Richmond Knock Down Changing Table is a beautiful sturdy and chic for your baby and you.

Adding this  White Knock Down Changing Table to other baby furniture’s you may have, is going to give a harmonic calm karma for the newborns room.

White Columbia Baby Changing Table

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Simple Yet Stylish Changing Table

This Atlantic Colombia changing table has plenty of baby supplies storage place. You can store all the diapers and baby cloth nice and neat at the two shelves. Some people prefer to add white baskets to keep their changing supplies in order so thy can find them all easy and quick when they are needed.

To make this white changing table stand out even more than it already does, you may want to add the matching White Richmond Crib as a complete decor style. The straight  wooden cage is clean and fresh, it can fit into any nursery and any room design.

Colombia Knock Down Changing Table

This white Colombia changing table has many storage options. The open space can be used for placing the baby supplies or to be used for placing baskets. This is a beautiful white changing table for the new baby’s room.

Safety Tip For Using Changing Tables

One of the basic safety tips for using changing tables and baby dressers is that  the changing pad must be in place without any movement option. In many changing tables there is a low rail that run around the changing top pad, to keep it in place, and in other changing dressers for babies there is a safety strap to hold the mattress in place.

 In this white Atlantic changing table the railings are high, so they hold the changing mattress in place ad also serve as a baby safety border on all four sides of the mattress.

It is extremely important to know that leaving the baby unattended even for a second is life threatening. About 200 babies and toddlers get fatal injuries each year from falling off tables and changing tops! Non of their moms or nursery keepers ever imagined that once they turn their back at the child, they will flip over.. So be carful never to leave the little guys and girls on the changing table alone.

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White Columbia Baby Changing Table