Argington Organic Bam Changing Table – White

Argington Light Weight Organic Change Unit

Argington Organic Bam Changing TableThis Argington baby changing unit is a remarkable changing unit. There are several features except the elegant design that makes this unit worth chasing. One thing you will notice immediately is that this white organic changing table is lightweight. So it can be moved around the house and serve you more than a regular heavy nursery changing tables.

Argington Organic Bam Changing Table

If you can guess it would be convenient for you to be moving the changing table from different locations at the house, than you must get this Argington lightweight changing table.  

If it was not for safety reasons other changing tables would have wheels. Since wheels are totally unsafe the only alternative will be to make the changing table light weight so it could be moved around the house.

Why Move The White Organic Changing Table

Except for the first three month when the baby is new born tiny and helpless, at this stage they can be easily carried around. So if you need to change the baby’s diaper yo carry them back to the nursery room.

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Most babies grow heavy at the first six month, so instead of carrying them all around the house, you can move the light weight changing table to the room where you will be staying. So once you know you will be at the kitchen or at the living room, and the baby will need his change, the Argington change table will be present to fulfill your needs.

Carrying a 12 month baby up and down the stairs is tiring and more dangerous than bringing the changing table to the room where you stay.

You can use this Argington changing table at the bathroom so if the house is not heated enough you dress the baby at the bath, instead of taking them to dress at a colder room, so investing in this organic white changing table, can help you save on heating expenses for the house.

Argington Organic Baby Furniture Manufacturers

Argington company builds baby and children’s rooms and surroundings. Argington embraces the love for art, family, and the world we leave our children. That’s why this changing table is organic, so you know you have not created environmental damage by buying this change unit for your child.

In addition to environmentally friendly wood, all materials, glues, stains and finishes are HAP free, 100% non-toxic and are low VOC. Dyes used are formaldehyde-free..

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For recycling the changing table you can use it as a transitional changing table and once you remove the changing pad on top, you have a nice book shelve and toys chest for your growing baby.

Open & Narrow Changing Table Design

This organic changing table has an open design. You have plenty of storage below the changing top, and you can reach it from the right side or the left side. So the changing table is useful and handy no matter where you place it.

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Argington Organic Bam Changing Table