Are You A Good Parent? Do You Have a Night Monitor

Does A Night Monitor Makes You a Better Parent

There is no question that the parents role in th first years of the baby is to watch over, protect and make sure the baby grow in a safe environment. Many parents deal with a common dilemma, does a night video monitor, means better protection and safety for the kid? Or does a night vision monitor for the baby, means the parents can now be further away and relay on technology to replace them.

Good Parents Buy Night Vision Monitors Because:

Video Baby Monitor For Baby NurseryHaving a night vision monitor can allow the parents to see and hear everything,which goes on in the baby room. They can hear the sweet muttering and also when the baby cries.

The advanced systems like the Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor have all sorts of features like two way communications (you can speak to the baby) a zoom and tilt for better coverage of the room, pre-recorded lullabies can be played to calm a baby.

All these mean the baby is never left un attended. The parents are always alert to every noise and sound from the baby room. Even at night when there is low visibility the infra-red video can transmit the image of the baby in the crib bright and clear.

For those with a large home, where the parents room is further down the hall, or they are in the living room downstairs while the baby is sound a sleep upstairs, the Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor gives the best coverage of the nursery.

First time parents or those who have more than one kid, will find this a very reassuring to be able to watch over the baby from every spot in the house.

Bad Parents Buy Night Vision Monitors Because:

Some parents do not fully understand their job at protecting the kid. These parents are far to focused on their life than on being a parent for the baby. These parents are looking for every technological gadget which will allow them to stayin frontt of the TV or stay on their iPad instead of walking over to their baby can comforting them. Lets take a short quiz..

When a baby cries at night, what do you think they need?

A. To hear an electric buzz of the monitor’s camera zoom down at them? And know someone is watching them cry?

B. Do they want to hear a pre-recordedlullabiess?

C.To hear themetallicc sound of their parents from a the speakers? Hushing them back to sleep?

D. To see their parents by their bed, feel the warmth of a gentle stroke, smell the parent kissing their forehead, singing a soft song, to help them sleep?

Baby monitors with night visionBabies need their parents, they need to know they are close by, they need to smell them, feel the soft hands, be picked up and hugged. Non of this can be done by high-tech monitors with infra-red night vision..

Buying a night vision monitor does not make you a bad parent. It is what you decide to do with the monitor which will make you one. The monitor is a great aid for those who look after their kid, it is not a substitute for parenthood.

Be a good parent. If you hear the baby cry, go over, touch them gently, hug them back to sleep.

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