Are Cheap Chinese Strollers Safe For Your Baby

Buying a Cheap Chinese Stroller For Your Baby

Being tight on budget is something anyone may relate to. But purchasing a cheap stroller for your baby might be stretching your luck a little too much. Most of the advanced baby strollers you may see at Amazon might cost more than a $150 Chinese stroller you may see at local-mart.

Why Do Baby Strollers Cost So Much

Stokke Xplory Stroller 5 Seat PositionsSome of the cost of premium strollers for infants and toddlers is a marketing strategy by the manufacturing company. People assume buying a $1000 stroller means its better than a $500 stroller. In most cases they are wrong.

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But thinking a $100 stroller is just as good as the $500 stroller may be a very unforgiving decision.

The R&D (research and development) budgets that the manufacturers are investing in their leading brands can reach the millions per year. Because each of the leading manufacturer want their strollers to meet the highest safety regulations, they put a lot of thought in developing the safest strollers possible.

This means they put each stroller and each item to strict test, to find their faults, to learn at what situation the bar might break, the joint will give in, or the fabric might catch fire.

Cheap Strollers Might Be Dangerous For Babies

When parents see a cheap stroller they may be tempted to buy it because of the ‘Low Price’ or ‘Bargain’ sign placed on it. But they must be warned. If the stroller belongs to some ‘no-name’ company, then there it is likely that the stroller was not tested by the strictest safety tests, no one checked which joints might chop off a baby’s finger or a loose band might be wrapped around their neck.

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Since the baby sits inside the stroller for hours, and most of the time the parents attention is not to the sleeping child, that is where the unwanted incidents occur.

You might want to buy other stuff at huge discounts, but not at the expense of your child. Invest in a mid price stroller. There are some branded strollers you can buy at Amazon which will not cost more than $250.

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