3 Tips To Keep Baby Cozy Warm In Stroller

How To Make A Winter Stroller Ride Warmer

Winter bundleme baby strollerLow temperatures are nasty and dangerous for young infants. While an adults body has better temperature management, young babies and toddlers body temperature management is not capable of cooling and warming at the same precise manner.

This means that a baby needs to be kept warm when exposed to low temperatures like when riding a stroller. Remember that unlike the mom or dad who is pushing the stroller and is walking, the baby body is not moving and is not getting heated by any mean. So even if the parents feel, they are warm because of the physical activity, their baby is sitting in the jogger seat, and freezing.

How can you keep the baby warm while in the stroller?

The first thing you may want to do,is keep them covered in layers. Like an onion when the baby is covered by several layers, it is easier to peel layers or add layers and manage the warmth or coolness needed. You may want to have the baby wearing 2-3 layers, and when seated in the stroller seat, to add a blanket, hat and gloves. In this way, if the temperatures drop, you can add a blanket to remove it once in side a warmer area.

The second thing you can do is cover the stroller with a winter rain cover. These large transparent plastic covers will keep the wind and rain out, and keep the warm air inside. The air will get warm because the body temperature and breathing is always warmer then the surrounding . Even if the stroller is moving the wind or freezing air does not access too easily under the transparent hood. This is a cheap solution, which can be suitable for mild winter climate, and not for winter in Minnesota.

keep baby warm in strollerThe third solution, which can be also for those with freezing cold climate, are the stroller bunk bundles. These are special warming accessories, which cover the baby from the toes up. They are made with soft mesh fabrics and wool, which keep the red nose babies nice and cozy.

They have a zipper, so the weather-resistant embroidered sack can be opened to ventilate the infant or zipped up to keep weather elements away.

Bundleme Review Clip

There are two types of “bundleme” one for regular winter and one for ‘arctic’ winters. They can be used with car seats, strollers and joggers. So they are a really recommended investment. Check here to see which of the six Bundleme colors is available at Amazon.